[Tarantool-patches] [PATCH 5/5] Apply Clang formatter

Kirill Yukhin kyukhin at tarantool.org
Tue Nov 10 17:16:51 MSK 2020


On 02 Nov 22:05, Vladislav Shpilevoy wrote:
> Ok. I will review the whole patch, every single line. Don't push
> it beforehand then.

In my previous e-mail I've explicitly stated that current formatter
is not suitable for us. Quote:

>> After all, having p.3 and p.8 unresolved I guess we cannot proceed
>> without changes to formatter.

Please, see what does it mean here [1].

[1] - https://translate.google.com/#view=home&op=translate&sl=auto&tl=ru&text=After%20all%2C%20having%20p.3%20and%20p.8%20unresolved%20I%20guess%20we%20cannot%20proceed%20without%20changes%20to%20formatter.

Regards, Kirill Yukhin

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