[tarantool-patches] Re: [PATCH] sql: LIKE/LENGTH process '\0'

n.pettik korablev at tarantool.org
Tue Feb 26 20:50:07 MSK 2019

> On 26 Feb 2019, at 16:33, i.koptelov <ivan.koptelov at tarantool.org> wrote:
>> On 25 Feb 2019, at 18:10, n.pettik <korablev at tarantool.org> wrote:
>> That’s I was talking about. But using the macros with the same
>> name as in utf library doesn’t look like a good pattern. Yep, you
>> can use define guards like:
>> #endif
>> But I’d rather just give it another name.
>> Hence, taking into account comment below,
>> we are going to substitute SQL_SKIP_UTF8() with
>> implementation borrowed from icu library.
> I changed the names to SQL_UTF8_FWD_1_UNSAFE and

Won’t bother you with portion of minor comments.
I’ve pushed them, take a look. If they are OK, just
squash (but don’t squash last commit) them and
patch will be OK as well.

Also, I’ve fixed a bit commit message. Add please
doc request which includes user-visible changes.
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