Re[2]: [patches] [cfg 1/1] cfg: Add constraints on box.cfg params

Ilya Markov imarkov at
Thu Feb 22 13:49:44 MSK 2018

>Четверг, 22 февраля 2018, 13:27 +03:00 от Vladimir Davydov < at>:
>On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 11:04:17AM +0300, imarkov wrote:
>> From: IlyaMarkovMipt < markovilya197 at >
>> * Introduce limitations on combinations of box.cfg parameters
>> * Add restriction on log type file and log_nonblock=true
>> * Add restriction on log type syslog and log_format json
>> * Each restriction creates error in case of its violation
>So box.cfg{log = 'tarantool.log'} isn't going to work anymore, because
>log_nonblock is set to true by default, is it? I assume that's why you
>patched all those tests. If so, I'm afraid that will break a lot of
>existing deployments...
Yes, that's why I patched all these tests.
We decided to keep default value of log_nonblock.
In 1.9.1 as it should not add incompatibility it won't break deployments because there is another patch for 1.9.1 which logs warnings only 
In 2.0 it will produce an error in case of config constraint violation.
Thank you,
Ilya Markov

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