[Tarantool-patches] [PATCH luajit] GC64: enable sysprof support

Maxim Kokryashkin m.kokryashkin at tarantool.org
Sat Nov 26 10:13:13 MSK 2022

Hi, Sergey!
Thanks for the review!
>>Hi, Maxim!
>>Thanks for the patch!
>>LGTM, with a single nit regarding the commit message.
>>On 11.11.22, Maxim Kokryashkin wrote:
>>> This patch reverts changes introduced via commit
>>> 71e7020637bb15024ceb7e93ce66b61870567339 ('GC64: disable
>>> sysprof support'), fixing the incorrect behavior in vm
>>Typo: s/in vm/in the VM/
>Fixed. The branch is force pushed.
>Best regards,
>Maxim Kokryashkin
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