[Tarantool-patches] [PATCH luajit 1/2] Fix handling of errors during snapshot restore.

Sergey Kaplun skaplun at tarantool.org
Sun Jul 31 13:58:30 MSK 2022

From: Mike Pall <mike>

(cherry picked from commit 12ab596997b9cb27846a5b254d11230c3f9c50c8)

When an error is raised during snapshot restore, `err_unwind()` skipped the
correct cframe to stop unwinding. It happens due this frame is C frame
without Lua frame and the special negative value of `cfram_nres()` for
this frame isn't set.

This patch sets `cframe_nres()` for cframe with snap restoration to
`-2*LUAI_MAXSTACK` to guarantee that an error will be always caught

Sergey Kaplun:
* added the description and the test for the problem

Part of tarantool/tarantool#7230
 src/lj_trace.c                                |  2 ++
 .../lj-603-err-snap-restore.test.lua          | 30 +++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 32 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 test/tarantool-tests/lj-603-err-snap-restore.test.lua

diff --git a/src/lj_trace.c b/src/lj_trace.c
index d7a78d4d..68a657a7 100644
--- a/src/lj_trace.c
+++ b/src/lj_trace.c
@@ -803,6 +803,8 @@ static TValue *trace_exit_cp(lua_State *L, lua_CFunction dummy, void *ud)
   ExitDataCP *exd = (ExitDataCP *)ud;
   cframe_errfunc(L->cframe) = -1;  /* Inherit error function. */
+  /* Always catch error here. */
+  cframe_nres(L->cframe) = -2*LUAI_MAXSTACK*(int)sizeof(TValue);
   exd->pc = lj_snap_restore(exd->J, exd->exptr);
   return NULL;
diff --git a/test/tarantool-tests/lj-603-err-snap-restore.test.lua b/test/tarantool-tests/lj-603-err-snap-restore.test.lua
new file mode 100644
index 00000000..82ce6a8f
--- /dev/null
+++ b/test/tarantool-tests/lj-603-err-snap-restore.test.lua
@@ -0,0 +1,30 @@
+local tap = require('tap')
+-- Test file to demonstrate the incorrect JIT behaviour when an
+-- error is raised on restoration from the snapshot.
+-- See also https://github.com/LuaJIT/LuaJIT/issues/603.
+local test = tap.test('lj-603-err-snap-restore.test.lua')
+local recursive_f
+local function errfunc()
+  xpcall(recursive_f, errfunc)
+-- A recursive call to itself leads to trace with up-recursion.
+-- When the Lua stack can't be grown more, error is raised on
+-- restoration from the snapshot.
+recursive_f = function()
+  xpcall(recursive_f, errfunc)
+  errfunc = function() end
+  recursive_f = function() end
+-- XXX: Don't use `os.exit()` here intense. When error on snap
+-- restoration is raised, `err_unwind()` doesn't stop on correct
+-- cframe. So later, on exit from VM this corrupted cframe chain
+-- shows itself. `os.exit()` literally calls `exit()` and doesn't
+-- show the issue.

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