[Tarantool-patches] [PATCH] tuple: make tuple_bless() compilable

Nikita Pettik korablev at tarantool.org
Mon Nov 8 15:35:04 MSK 2021

On 27 Oct 14:06, Igor Munkin wrote:
> > +    -- lower frame". So avoid tail call and use additional stack
> > +    -- slots (for the local variable and the frame).
> > +    local tuple_ref = ffi.gc(ffi.cast(const_tuple_ref_t, tuple), tuple_gc)
> > +    return tuple_ref
> Side note: Ugh... I'm sad we're doing things like this one. Complicating
> the code, leaving huge comments with the rationale of such complicating
> to reach the desirable (and what is important, local) performance. I
> propose to spend your innovative time to try solving the problem in the
> JIT engine: it will be more fun and allow us to avoid writing the
> cookbook "How to write super-duper-jittable code in LuaJIT".
> Here is the valid question: what about other hot places with CALLT in
> Tarantool? Should they be considered/fixed? I guess a ticket will help
> to not forget about this problem.
> Anyway, for now the fix provides the considerable boost, so feel free to
> proceed with the patch.

Said today exactly the same:) LGTM as well.

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