[Tarantool-patches] [PATCH] build: add missing module for jit.dump on ARM64

Igor Munkin imun at tarantool.org
Wed May 19 16:04:00 MSK 2021


On 18.05.21, Sergey Ostanevich wrote:
> Hi! 
> Thanks for the patch!
> My test run passes:
> $ ./test-run.py 5983
> Statistics:
> * pass: 1
> As for comment on opt.start - I’m not sure if we will ever change the threshold
> for optimizations - better to keep it under control and do not rely on a magic 100
> loop counter.

Hence, I mentioned that jit.opt.start call makes the test more robust.

> But the essence of the test is not clear to me: we just verify that on the host
> platform (the one testing is done) jit.dump is operable? I believe it should be
> put into original message then - ’to enable jit.dump on ARM64…'

Indeed. We just check, that all compiler phases are dumped (so all
necessary modules are successfully loaded). Thanks for noticing, I've
updated the commit message the following way:
| Since commit c9d88d5f48054d78727b587fef7567422cdc39a6 ('Fix #984: add
| jit.* library to the binary') all required modules implemented in Lua
| are bundled (i.e. compiled into the executable as a C literal) into
| Tarantool binary. While making Tarantool work on ARM64 platforms, it
| turned out the arch-specific module (namely, jit/dis_arm64.lua) is not
| bundled. Within this patch the missing sources are added and jit.dump
| works fine on ARM64 hosts as a result.

> Otherwise - LGTM.

Great, thanks!

> Sergos



Best regards,

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