[Tarantool-patches] [PATCH luajit v1] tools: introduce --leak-only memprof parser option

Igor Munkin imun at tarantool.org
Mon Mar 29 12:41:10 MSK 2021


Thanks for the patch! This is definitely not "view" in terms of memprof.
This is a routine that post-process the parsed and grouped data. There
was no such stage before: the binary profile is parsed into events and
then events are rendered in a human-readable format. If you introduced
the new output format (e.g. JSON, YAML, etc), then it would be a "view",
since we don't need to test how Lua tables are converted into JSON
objects. But in this patch, you post-process the parsed events into
another structure based on the user's request (i.e. show only leaks).
Hence, this post-processing *need to be tested* at least as a so-called
"black box". You provide no tests for you patch at all, so if something
is broken we'll know it only from the customer's feedback.

I propose to reconsider the way you introduced this feature and provide
some tests for it (the latter is the main problem).

Best regards,

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