[Tarantool-patches] [PATCH 00/16] Cord buffer, static alloc, and Lua GC bug

Cyrill Gorcunov gorcunov at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 10:52:00 MSK 2021

On Sat, Mar 20, 2021 at 01:42:30AM +0100, Vladislav Shpilevoy wrote:
> The patch attempts to fix most of the easy to face issues with the global
> resources not having proper ownership in Lua code and therefore not protected
> again being suddenly reused during Lua GC.
> There are many such resources: tarantool_lua_ibuf/IBUF_SHARED, static alloc,
> errno, diag/box.error, box_tuple_last, port_c, and others.
> The most easy to screw - ibuf and static alloc. They are fixed in this
> patchset.
> The solution is dubious, but there were not found any better alternatives.
> A patch for 1.10 will be sent later in a separate CL.
> Branch: http://github.com/tarantool/tarantool/tree/gerold103/gh-5632-global-buf-crash-2x
> Issue: https://github.com/tarantool/tarantool/issues/5632

Vlad, the series look ok to me. But i think we need more intensive
testing and catch up if there is some missed. Thus I propose
to merge and get it a spin up while we have time.

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