[Tarantool-patches] [PATCH v3] wal: introduce limits on simultaneous writes

Vladislav Shpilevoy v.shpilevoy at tarantool.org
Tue Mar 16 23:27:14 MSK 2021

> BTW, one option is to change semantics of "async" to be "best
> effort async". That is, if the queue is full, we don't drop the
> transaction, we turn it into a waiting one.
> Thoughts?

If you are talking about internal API (txn_commit_async), Sergey did it
in this patch. It is now called txn_commit_try_async and it blocks the
fiber if the queue is full.

If you are talking about is_async option for box.commit(), then yeah,
this is a good idea. One of them. It is not decided yet what options and
with which names we will expose in box.commit(). No any design so far.
You can left comments here https://github.com/tarantool/tarantool/issues/67
with your proposals so they are not lost.

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