[Tarantool-patches] [PATCH] lua: introduce function for uuid comparison

Sergey Bronnikov sergeyb at tarantool.org
Thu Nov 12 12:44:06 MSK 2020

Hi, Oleg

thanks for the patch!
Looks like you expect a review from Leonid and Vlad, but I have a
question regarding tests in the patch.

On 23:04 Wed 11 Nov , olegrok at tarantool.org wrote:
> --- a/test/app/uuid.result
> +++ b/test/app/uuid.result

For Tarantool core we have two kind of tests: with diff-based approach
and TAP based tests. Your tests can be easily implemented with a TAP
approach, when test data and oracle are in the code. But you preferred a
diff-based approach here. Why?

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