[tarantool-patches] Re: [PATCH v1] build: libcurl needs openssl111 on FreeBSD

Alexander Turenko alexander.turenko at tarantool.org
Mon Sep 16 13:47:41 MSK 2019

>  deps_freebsd:
>  	sudo pkg install -y git cmake gmake gcc coreutils \
> -		readline ncurses libyaml openssl libunwind icu \
> +		readline ncurses libyaml openssl111 libunwind icu \
>  		python27 py27-pip py27-setuptools py27-daemon \
>  		py27-yaml py27-argparse py27-six py27-gevent \
>  		gdb bash autoconf automake libtool

openssl-1.1.1 is the part of base system. No need to install it with

Anyway, a user may want to have openssl-1.1.1 in /usr and openssl-1.0.2
in /usr/local (say, some other package will require an old openssl). It
seems we use headers from /usr/include, but *.so from /usr/local/lib. We
should fix it, I'll look into that.

BTW, it is seen in `./configure <...>` output:

 | checking for OpenSSL headers version... 1.0.2 - 0x1000214fL
 | checking for OpenSSL library version... 1.1.1

Now we can fix CI in the following way: remove openssl from pkg install
(and from base freebsd image we use if it is here). Let's just add a
comment that openssl is a part of base system.

WBR, Alexander Turenko.

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