[tarantool-patches] Re: [PATCH v2] relay: join new replicas off read view

Kirill Yukhin kyukhin at tarantool.org
Fri Sep 13 11:19:00 MSK 2019


On 27 Aug 11:33, Vladimir Davydov wrote:
> Historically, we join a new replica off the last checkpoint. As a
> result, we must always keep the last memtx snapshot and all vinyl data
> files corresponding to it. Actually, there's no need to use the last
> checkpoint for joining a replica. Instead we can use the current read
> view as both memtx and vinyl support it. This should speed up the
> process of joining a new replica, because we don't need to replay all
> xlogs written after the last checkpoint, only those that are accumulated
> while we are relaying the current read view. This should also allow us
> to avoid creating a snapshot file on bootstrap, because the only reason
> why we need it is allowing joining replicas. Besides, this is a step
> towards decoupling the vinyl metadata log from checkpointing in
> particular and from xlogs in general.
> Closes #1271

I've checked your patch into master.

Regrads, Kirill Yukhin

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