[Tarantool-patches] [tarantool-patches] Re: [PATCH v1 0/9] schema: rework _trigger space

Kirill Shcherbatov kshcherbatov at tarantool.org
Wed Oct 16 15:53:07 MSK 2019

> - name (both have)
> - func_id (only Lua)
> - space_id (both have)
> - type (means one of replace/connection/auth etc; only Lua)
> - event (only SQL)
> - action_time (SQL and Lua have sets of timings which don't intersect)
> - action (only SQL)

I need to mention that I didn't followed this outdated proposal in the
refactoring that we are discussing.

<name> STRING  (both have)
<space_id> UINT32 (both have)
<opts> MAP (non of them for now, legacy, but potentially usefull)
<language> STR (both have)
<type> STR (both have; currently 'replace' type only - replace trigger;
                      perhaps we would like to support some different trigger types)
<event_manipulation> STR  {"DELETE", "UPDATE", "INSERT" --
                                               SQL only? - but it is possible to support it in Lua also}
<action_timing> STR {"BEFORE", "AFTER" - both have}
<code> STR (both have)

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