[tarantool-patches] Re: [PATCH] sql: remove useless pragmas

n.pettik korablev at tarantool.org
Fri Feb 8 17:03:39 MSK 2019

> On 8 Feb 2019, at 13:17, Stanislav Zudin <szudin at tarantool.org> wrote:
> On 06.02.2019 16:21, n.pettik wrote:
>>> On 6 Feb 2019, at 15:18, Stanislav Zudin <szudin at tarantool.org <mailto:szudin at tarantool.org>> wrote:
>>> The pragmas "query_only" and "read_uncommitted" didn't affect anything and were removed.
>> Nit: please, fit commit message into 72 symbols.
> Mea culpa
>> What about “busy_timeout”? As I see from code it is also useless.
>> It may require to delete some code more code.
> It calls sqlite_busy_handler. Does this feature work?

No, it doesn’t. You can remove it in a separate patch.
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