[PATCH 7/8] vinyl: don't start scheduler fiber until local recovery is complete

Konstantin Osipov kostja at tarantool.org
Thu Sep 6 10:39:12 MSK 2018

* Vladimir Davydov <vdavydov.dev at gmail.com> [18/09/04 20:59]:
> We must not schedule any background jobs during local recovery, because
> they may disrupt yet to be recovered data stored on disk. Since we start
> the scheduler fiber as soon as the engine is initialized, we have to
> pull some tricks to make sure it doesn't schedule any tasks: the
> scheduler fiber function yields immediately upon startup; we assume
> that it won't be woken up until local recovery is complete, because we
> don't set the memory limit until then.

OK to push. I esp. like this change.


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