[tarantool-patches] Re: [PATCH 2/3] Proper unwind for currently executing fiber

Konstantin Osipov kostja at tarantool.org
Fri Oct 5 01:27:37 MSK 2018

* Georgy Kirichenko <georgy at tarantool.org> [18/10/04 13:34]:
> Each yielded fiber has a preserved coro state stored in a corresponding
> variable however an executing fiber has a volatile state placed in CPU
> registers (stack pointer, instruction pointer and non-volatile registers)
> and corresponding context-storing variable value is invalid.
> For already yielded fiber we have to use a special asm-written handler to make
> a temporary switch to the preserved state and capture executing context what
> is not needed for executing fiber.
> After the patch for the executing fiber NULL is passed to the backtrace
> function as coro context and then backtrace function could decide should
> it use special context-switching handler or might just use unw_getcontext
> from the unwind library.

OK to push.

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