[tarantool-patches] [PATCH 2/3] Proper unwind for currently executing fiber

Vladimir Davydov vdavydov.dev at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 18:09:08 MSK 2018

The patch looks good, but unfortunately it leads to box/access.test.lua
crash when tarantool is built in release mode. I've no idea why this
could happen. Please investigate.



[Instance "box" killed by signal: 6 (SIGABRT)]
Segmentation fault
  addr: 0xffffffffffff8750
  context: 0x7fffe94ef7c0
  siginfo: 0x7fffe94ef8f0
  rax      0x4fd4a0           5231776
  rbx      0x7fffe94ff610     140737107719696
  rcx      0x7fffe9400d70     140737106677104
  rdx      0x40153748         1075132232
  rsi      0x7fffe94ff610     140737107719696
  rdi      0xffffffffffff8708 -30968
  rsp      0x7fffe94efd70     140737107656048
  rbp      0x7fffe94efd88     140737107656072
  r8       0x400003b8         1073742776
  r9       0x98               152
  r10      0x7fffe94ef7e0     140737107654624
  r11      0x7ffff4238a3b     140737289357883
  r12      0x1d               29
  r13      0xf                15
  r14      0x40001000         1073745920
  r15      0x4ea7d0           5154768
  rip      0x7ffff4238a3b     140737289357883
  eflags   0x10212            66066
  cs       0x33               51
  gs       0x0                0
  fs       0x0                0
  cr2      0xffffffffffff8750 -30896
  err      0x7                7
  oldmask  0x0                0
  trapno   0xe                14
Current time: 1538752048
Please file a bug at http://github.com/tarantool/tarantool/issues
Attempting backtrace... Note: since the server has already crashed,
this may fail as well
#0  0x4fe559 in print_backtrace+9
#1  0x412d0d in _ZL12sig_fatal_cbiP9siginfo_tPv+bd
#2  0x7ffff48936d0 in _L_unlock_13+34
#3  0x7ffff4238a3b in _Ux86_64_getcontext+0
#4  0x4fd4b1 in _ZL16unw_getcontext_fP8ucontextPv+11
#5  0x4fe3b6 in backtrace_foreach+66
#6  0x5077f0 in coio_wait+80
#7  0x4ea86f in lbox_socket_iowait+9f
#8  0x518767 in lj_BC_FUNCC+34
#9  0x529662 in lua_pcall+32
#10 0x4e9fa3 in luaT_call+13
#11 0x4e4976 in lua_fiber_run_f+56
#12 0x41270c in _ZL16fiber_cxx_invokePFiP13__va_list_tagES0_+c
#13 0x4fb210 in fiber_loop+30
#14 0x63ae7f in coro_init+3f

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