[tarantool-patches] Re[2]: [patches] [PATCH V2] sql: fix non-working 'INDEXED BY' clause

Bulat Niatshin niatshin at tarantool.org
Thu Mar 29 14:09:29 MSK 2018

                1. You don’t need to invent own wheel: sql-tap already
                 has test:do_eqp_test() function.


                2. Why did you divide tests and put them to different test suits?
                    > test/sql/gh2966-indexed-by.test.lua
                    > test/sql-tap/gh-2996-indexed-by.test.lua
                    Put them both to one file to sql-tap/ .


Branch:  https://github.com/tarantool/tarantool/tree/bn/gh-2996-indexed-by  
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