[tarantool-patches] Re: [PATCH v1 4/4] sql: get rid of Column structure

Kirill Shcherbatov kshcherbatov at tarantool.org
Tue Jul 17 17:08:32 MSK 2018

Hi. I've rebased my this branch on actual 2.0 with Ivan's Index refactoring.

On 17.07.2018 12:32, Vladislav Shpilevoy wrote:
> Hello. Thanks for the patch! But it again is raw. You skipped
> field_def.coll initialization for non-sql code, alter.cc etc.

It was a single place in alter.cc in field_def_decode, if I have correctly understood you:
struct coll_id *collation = coll_by_id(field->coll_id);
	if (collation != NULL)
		field->coll = collation->coll;

(I've grepped where coll_id is used)

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